26(2) 2018

Journal of Horticultural Research (J. Hort. Res.)

26(2) 2018

Priyanka Pal, Kuldeep Yadav, Krishan Kumar, Narender Singh
Efficacy of foliar application of GA3 and K on growth and biochemical parameters of two F1 hybrid parthenocarpic cultivars of cucumber

Paweł Trzciński, Lidia Maria Sas Paszt, Sławomir Głuszek, Michał Przybył, Edyta Derkowska
Effect of organic cultivation on the occurrence of beneficial groups of microorganisms in the rhizosphere soil of vegetable crops

Isam A. Al-Madhagi, Mahassen Al-Minibary, Manssur Al-Doubibi
Effect of chilling and accumulative photo-thermal units on flowering of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.)

Jelili T. Opabode, Simbiat Owojori
Response of African eggplant (Solanum macrocarpon L.) to foliar application of 6-benzylaminopurine and gibberellic acid

Jan Haberle, Pavel Svoboda, Tomáš Šimon, Gabriela Kurešová, Barbora Henzlová, Jan Klír
Distribution of mineral nitrogen in soil in relation to risk of nitrate leaching in farms with irrigated vegetables and early potatoes

Mina Moqhaddam, Zeinab Arefnezhad, Mehdi Khayyat
Effect of two girdling dates on carbohydrate accumulation in plant tissues and fruit quality of barberry

María José Gómez Bellot, Giulia Carmassi, Manuele Bartalucci, María Jesús Sánchez-Blanco, Alberto Pardossi
Growth, evapotranspiration and mineral content of gerbera under combined salinity and excess boron

Takanori Horibe, Shousei Imai, Takuya Matsuoka
Effects of light wavelength on daughter cladode growth and quality in edible cactus Nopalea cochenillifera cultured in a plant factory with artificial light

Marcela Krawiec, Agata Dziwulska-Hunek, Krzysztof Kornarzyński
The use of physical factors for seed quality improvement of horticultural plants

Oleksandr Melnyk, Olha Drozd, Ihor Melnyk
Storage and quality of apples ‘Reinette Simirenko’, depending on the dose of post-harvest treatment with ethylene inhibitor 1-MCP

Tomasz Jęcz, Małgorzata Korbin, Damian Gorzka, Abdel-Rahman A. Mohamed, Remigiusz Olszak
Molecular diversity of two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) in apple orchards across Poland and its potential link with the resistance to METI-acaricides