Contents - 25(1) 2017

Journal of Horticultural Research (J. Hort. Res.)

25(1) 2017


Takanori Horibe, Kunio Yamada
Petal growth physiology of cut rose flowers: Progress and future prospects

Mohammad Ali Alizadeh, Ali Ashraf Jafari, Sayed Esmaiel Sayedian
Evaluation of aerial biomass yield and essential oil content of seven species of Tanacetum

Saranjeet Kaur
In vitro regeneration of shoots from nodal explants of Dendrobium chrysotoxum Lindl.

Regina Dębicz, Anna Pawlikowska, Katarzyna Wróblewska, Przemysław Bąbelewski
The influence of silicon and multinutrient fertilizer on the quality and chemical composition of Gazania rigens ‘Kiss yellow’, Salvia farinacea ‘Fairy queen’ and Verbena ‘Obsession lilac’ plants

A. Nilgün Atay, Fatma Koyuncu
Impact of repeated yearly applications of prohexadione-calcium on vegetative and reproductive growth of ‘Golden delicious’/M.9 apple trees

Jan Blažek, Ivana Pištěková
Prediction of the harvesting time for four apple cultivars on the basis of beginning of flowering and attaining of T-stage of fruitlets and dependence of diameter of fruitlets at T-stage and fruits at ripening stage. Research note

Jacek Rabcewicz, Paweł Białkowski, Paweł Konopacki
Evaluation of the possibility of shaking off raspberry fruits with a pulsating air stream

Maryam Tatari, Asghar Mousavi
Impact of harvesting time and length of cold storage period on physiological and quality traits of four quince genotypes (Cydonia oblonga Mill.)

Taiwo Michael Agbede, Aruna Olasekan Adekiya, Ehiokhilen Kevin Eifediyi
Impact of poultry manure and NPK fertilizer on soil physical properties and growth and yield of carrot

Kristine L. Callis-Duehl, Heather J. Mcauslane, Adrian J. Duehl, Douglas J. Levey
The effects of silica fertilizer as an anti-herbivore defense in cucumber

Sajad Jafari, Mohammad Reza Hassandokht, Mahdi Taheri, Abdolkarim Kashi
Genetic diversity and taxonomic studies of Allium akaka and A. elburzense native to Iran using morphological characters

Ecehagh Moghbeli, Seyed Hossein Nemati, Hossein Aroiee, Jamal-Ali Olfati
Evaluation of resistance, enzymatic response, and phenolic compounds in roots of F1 cucumber hybrids to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-cucumerinum

Mohammad Reza Naroui Rad, Mahmood Mohammad Ghasemi, Jahangir Abbas Koohpayegani
Evaluation of melon (Cucumis melo L.) genotypes aiming effective selection of parents for breeding directed at high yield under drought stress condition


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